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Opening Times

Friday and Saturday : 12.00 - 22.00
other days 12.00 -20.00
All week: 12.00 - 20.00
All week: 12.00 -20.00 
All week 12.00 - 20.00

All week: 12.00-20.00


Bookings can be made online or by calling us:
Katowice  32 229 00 21
Sosnowiec 32 263 23 03
Rybnik 32 421 04 75
Bytom 32 396 26 80
Częstochowa 34 365 49 00

What is Laserhouse ?

Laser Tag in LaserhouseLaserhouse is an exciting place where you can enjoy playing Laser Tag. Invite your friends and join our virtual world. Over 400 sq. meters in Sosnowiec, Rybnik and Bytom and 600 sq. meters in Katowice of futuristic space is what we offer to you. Experience scenery known only from computer games becoming a reality. See our huge network of themed mazes, the pyramids of tires, chains, large steel drums; our metal constructions will make you feel like a computer game hero, in the world full of adventure and surprises. Special lighting, UV lamps, stroboscopes, fluorescent graffiti and of course a lot of smoke and amazing music, does it sound good? That is not all we have but not all can be described in words. Come in and join the game!                          


Laser Maze in Laserhouse
We would like to invite you to take advantage of Laser Maze, which is available in Katowice, Bytom, Rybnik and Sosnowiec. This is an interactive game consisting of a set of lasers arranged in the form of obstacles. The player's task is to overcome obstacles and reach the laser at the opposite end of the room and come back. Any interruption of the laser beam is registered and affects the score. Have you seen Mission Impossible, could you do that? more...


Laser Tag, Laser Maze - Prices and packages

Laser Tag

Laserhouse LeafletFollowing prices are per 30 minutes game (20 minutes game + 10 minutes training) for one player, applies in our arenas in Katowice, Rybnik, Bytom and Sosnowiec.
  before 3 pm
after 3 pm
Monday - Thursday 20 pln
25 pln
20 pln
28 pln

Saturday - Sunday,off days

28 pln

Laser Maze 

1 game - 5 pln
3 games - 12 pln
30 minutes* - 50 pln
* - time limit, no limits in players number